Transitions Program

transitions-program-1The Transitions program (transitional housing) is the core of what we do at BHA.

The concept is simple: once a mother knows where she and her children will sleep at night, she can focus on setting goals for the future, and can make significant strides toward achieving those goals. At BHA, we provide stable housing and loving support for while the families in the Transitions program work toward stability.

The Transitions program works because women set their own goals, while we provide love, support, accountability and guidance. For many families we serve, this is the first time that they have been in a safe place, with supportive people around them.

transitions-program-2Our Program Staff work directly with each family each week. They provide life skills coaching,  information and referrals. They also help participants develop and achieve goals based on the needs of each family.

In addition to the one-on-one work with their Family Advocate, BHA provides the following opportunities to the women and children in our Transitions program:

Light House Youth Program, a weekly program for the children and youth in our Transitions program designed to foster the development of resilience. 

Parenting Classes, a collaboration with Samara: Nurture and Education for Parents, to provide intensive parenting curriculum to Transitions participants. 

Financial Education, an intensive education program to empower participants and teach skills needed to manage their income and expenses. 

       Prepared Renters Education Program, a program that educates participants and prepares them           to be successful in their permanent housing. 

For more information on the Transitions program, or to check intake availability, contact Marilyn Bellesfield, Program Director, at 717.233.6016 or online.

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