Give Furniture or Household Items for Use In Our Program

A tangible way you can bless the families in our program is through the donation of good quality used furniture, appliances or other household items. We say good quality because we want our families to feel proud of their homes, and we want to treat them with dignity and respect. Also, toiletry and cleaning items can be a great blessing.

Please note: our storage space is limited, as is our staff time to sort and manage such donations, so please contact our Program Director, Crystal Baxter, at 717.233.6016 or prior to bringing your donation to ensure we can utilize it. Here are some specifics on how you can help.

Furniture: Most of the families who come to us arrive with little or no furniture since they were homeless prior to joining our program. Therefore, we maintain a small furniture bank to help them furnish their apartments. And when they leave our program, they are welcome to take the furniture with them so they can maintain a sense of stability, and not have to start over once again. The most helpful items are dining table and chair sets, bed frames, dressers, nightstands, sofas and living room chairs.

Appliances: Another way you can help is by donating new or good quality used appliances such as refrigerators, electric or gas ranges and microwave ovens. (Please note: we do not allow dishwashers, washing machines or clothes dryers in any of our apartments and therefore can not accept these as donations.)

Other Household Items: Donations of household items such as good quality used pots, pans, dishes, and bed linens can also be helpful.

Toiletries/Cleaning Items: Our families are on tight budgets as they try to juggle work, schooling and other goals, so sometimes we help them out with staples like household cleaning products and toiletry items. If you would like to donate some items to help fill our pantry, or your church or civic group would like to undertake a drive on our behalf, please contact Crystal Baxter to discuss our specific needs at the time.

If you would like to donate any of the above, please contact Crystal Baxter, Program Director, at 717.233.6016 or Crystal pre-approves all donations of furniture, appliances and household items to ensure it is something we can use (for example: if we have more sofas than we have storage space for at the moment we may have to say no to a donation due to space limitations).