Day 8 of 28 Days of BHA

From 1996 to 2001, BHA partnered with Delta Housing to provide case management services to families. When BHA first started, we used ministers and volunteers to follow up with families. We soon discovered that families needed professional services from social workers. This led to the collaboration with Delta Housing. When the partnership ended, BHA hired one of Delta’s case managers, Ms. Chris. She had gone through the Delta Housing program herself.  While in Delta’s program, she was able to obtain her GED and went on to get her bachelor’s degree. Ms. Chris was thankful that she had the opportunity to pass on God’s love in the same manner she received it and encourage others to pursue their dreams. Chris worked at BHA until 2009. We are so thankful for all of the lives Ms. Chris touched and her commitment to serving others. Join us to continue meeting the needs of our community and take the 28th Year Challenge. Make a recurring monthly gift of $28 to help provide a family with a home and hope.


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