Day 18 of 28 Days of BHA

In 2010, we completed the barn raising. A storage facility behind one of our properties was in poor condition. It was torn down and a new facility was built that we can store building supplies and furniture, as well as a laundry facility. This facility allows families to wash clothes on site and is much more convenient than having to travel with baskets and children to the closet laundromat. Thank you to Mount Wilson Church of the Brethren, Conewago Church of the Brethren, Hanoverdale Church of the Brethren and many other volunteers for their time in helping to build this facility. Join us to continue meeting the needs of our community and take the 28th Year Challenge. Make a recurring monthly gift of $28 to help provide a family with a home and hope.

Capture 2 Capture 3 Capture 4 Capture Laundry Barn - Tameika Brandy 005

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