Day 14 of 28 Days of BHA

When a family comes to BHA, we evaluate the strength and reliability of their support network. Some of our families have friends and family they can rely on; others have relationships with people they see as unreliable or unstable. One of our goals at BHA is to help them increase their Social Capital. Just as our economic capital can provide more or less financial strength, our relationships (i.e. “social capital”) can offer us a relative amount of stability and growth. When we can rely on those around us, we have greater potential to reach our goals, which is our hope for the women who come to BHA. For this reason, we developed Bagwashi Circles. Bagwashi (bah-GWAH-shee) is an African word meaning “those who help one another” and is closely related to the word for “family.” This program was launched in 2007. Our Bagwashi volunteers serve as mentors and a support system to single moms transitioning from homelessness to stability. Join us to continue meeting the needs of our community and take the 28th Year Challenge. Make a recurring monthly gift of $28 to help provide a family with a home and hope.

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