Day 13 of 28 Days of BHA

Toyann’s home had been condemned and she was staying in emergency shelter with her three daughters and was referred to BHA. While at BHA, she learned how to drive, bought her first car, maintained employment and attended HACC to pursue to criminal justice degree. Toyann is also thankful for the love and support of the BHA community throughout the program. “There is a real sincerity in how the program helps you when you have challenges going on,” Toyann remarks, adding “The staff here deal with emotions on a different level than others who would just brush us aside.” After accomplishing her goals, she graduated from BHA in 2006. Toyann says, “I’ve learned I’m strong even when I think I’m not. I’ve learned to build up the ability to deal with problems head on…to think before I act.” Finally, Toyann shares this word of advice to BHA supporters: “Acknowledge people around you…you never know what that person has gone through…take notice of people…and don’t be afraid to accept a helping hand yourself.” Join us to continue meeting the needs of our community and take the 28th Year Challenge. Make a recurring monthly gift of $28 to help provide a family with a home and hope.

Grad 2006-Toyann and Family



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