BHA Celebrates 28th Anniversary in 2017

This year BHA celebrates its 28th anniversary of serving families who are experiencing homelessness. Since BHA was incorporated in 1989, we have served over 1000 adults and children and provided them with a safe place to call home and support to make significant changes in their lives. Our vision of building a future with hope has revitalized a city block while empowering families to reach their God given potential. Join us each day in February to learn more about the history of BHA and the and the people who have helped to make this work possible.

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In 1988, members from Harrisburg First Church of the Brethren (HFCOB) and Hanoverdale Church of the Brethren realized there are a need to help people who were homeless and came together to make a difference in the Harrisburg Area. HFCOB has been committed to the South Allison Hill Community for many years and had a Fellowship House they started in 1960. This house was used for young women who were coming into the city to go to school and work. There were colleges in the city but they did not provide housing. This house provided women with a place to stay while they went to school. By the late 1980’s, the need for this type of housing had dissipated and HFCOB began to have discussions about the most effective use for the home. After gathering information on homelessness in the area, they agreed to use the home to serve families who were experiencing homelessness. This was the birth of Brethren Housing Association. It was created to share the love of Christ by meeting felt needs. According to Gerald Rhodes, who was integral in the creation of BHA, “our hearts went out and we were convicted to do something. It can seem overwhelming, but we got started by learning, reflecting and improving.” BHA was then incorporated in 1989. We want to thank Irv and Nancy Heishman, Ron Ludwick, Paul Wessell, John Nantz, Gerald Rhodes and many, many others who were part of the development, planning and launching of BHA.

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