Sondra: Overwhelmed and Feeling Alone

Overwhelmed and Feeling Alone

Sondra came to BHA with four small children. She had just had surgery for cancer. She was overwhelmed and feeling alone. After time to physically recover and get settled, she enrolled in an Associate’s Degree program.

While in school she made big strides on parenting and household goals. Without much guidance growing up, managing four children, schooling, cooking, cleaning and other daily tasks were a challenge. Sondra was matched with Bagwashi Circle volunteers for mentoring and support. She developed a deep friendship with one woman who became a role model for Sondra and her children, someone Sondra could lean on for encouragement. A true friendship blossomed.

Sondra graduated with her Associate’s Degree and got a full-time job in the Human Service field upon leaving BHA.

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