Kyra: Hope Found on a Bus

In 1996, Kyra was on a bus and met a woman from Harrisburg First Church of the Brethren. She confided that she was having trouble making rent payments and going to school as a single mom. The woman told her about BHA.

At BHA, she finished school for medical billing while working full-time. She bought a car. She found support from the other woman in the program and her case manager, Chris. “Being in the program gave me someone to lean on, and the people there were like family to me,” she recalls.

Today she lives in Philadelphia and works as a case manager with the elderly, while helping other moms on welfare to find jobs. “I like to give back what I have been given,” Kyra adds, noting she has been recognized by the Governor and the United Way for her volunteer work.

She is thankful for those who support BHA. “Your support counts. I would not be where I am today without BHA.”

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