Poetry Book Published to Support BHA!

img-2015-poetrybookcoverJanice Keilholtz Landis was a supporter of BHA. Sadly, she passed away in early 2014 after a battle with cancer.

After her passing, her husband Wesley and their grown daughters Leann and Jennifer were cleaning out a closet when they came across a box. Wesley knew of the box, for Janice had told him “this is my box, and you don’t look in it.” He never did, and his daughters never even knew the box existed.

But after her passing, they opened the box. Inside they found scrapbooks. One was filled with poetry, with the first poem written when Janice was in 6th grade. Wesley and his daughters never knew Janice had written poetry. Then, also in the box, Wesley found a newspaper clipping of an article about how to get your poetry published. Janice never did, but now Wesley knew he had to make his wife’s dream come true.

So Wesley found a publisher, and with his daughters help, compiled a book of Janice’s poetry alongside beautiful nature pictures. The book is called The Lost Paradise. What a beautiful symbol of love and devotion! I got choked up when Wesley first told me the story!

Janice loved BHA, so Wesley wants all proceeds from the sale of the book to go to BHA. He is donating the books to BHA to sell for $20 each, with all $20 going to fund our work with homeless single moms.

Would you like a copy? It makes a beautiful coffee table piece, or a gift with Mother’s Day just around the corner.

Perhaps Wesley’s story of honoring his wife’s dream is something you would like to give as a gift to a special loved one or loved ones…and what better gift than giving the women you love this book AND telling them that their gift is giving new hope to homeless single moms this Mother’s Day.

Click Here to order The Lost Paradise

Thank you, Wesley and Leann and Jennifer, for your example and your generosity!

Grace and peace,
Steve Schwartz,
Executive Director

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