Transitions Program

The Transitions program (transitional housing) is the core of what we do at BHA.

The concept is simple: once a mother knows where she and her children will sleep at night, she can focus on setting goals for the future, and can make significant strides toward achieving those goals. At BHA, we provide stable housing and loving support for up to two years while the families in the Transitions program work toward moving from homelessness and instability to self-sufficiency and personal growth.

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Side-By-Side Program

The Side-By-Side Program is a permanent housing program for persons with a disability who are experiencing homelessness.

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Next Steps Program

The Next Steps program is a permanent housing program providing follow-up case management support, and in some cases rental assistance, to graduates of BHA’s other housing programs now living on their own in the community. Our goal is to maintain long-term relationships with graduates to ensure stability, provide counsel as needed, and keep the graduate connected to the BHA family.

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Bagwashi Circles

BHA is looking for people who want to make a difference in the lives of homeless single moms and their families.

When a family comes to BHA, we evaluate the strength and reliability of their support network. Some of our families have friends and family they can rely on; others have relationships with people they see as unreliable or unstable. One of our goals at BHA is to help them increase their Social Capital.

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Light House Youth Program

The Light House Youth Program–a name generated by the youth themselves–serves children and youth, ages 0-18, whose families are or recently were part of BHA’s Transitions program for homeless families.

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Housing Rehabilitation Work

We want to make our neighborhood a better place by renovating its historic homes, so over the years we have purchased and rehabilitated properties in Harrisburg and use this housing for our programs. We have revitalized a city block and created green space for children in our program to play.

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